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Confident-MindsetHeather Harper I Borderline Press I Jan 29, 2016

It can be fun to branch out and try new things. If you are a painter, maybe you would like to try using oil paints instead of acrylics, or ceramics instead of canvas. is the same way, perhaps you want to write poetry for a change or try your hand at copy writing to earn a little money.

Learning is always beneficial. When beginning a new project, you should build upon what you already know, using your past experiences to determine whether something will be a good fit. Sometimes skills are not transferable. If your background is in legal studies, you may be able to prepare an exceptional memorandum of law but wouldn’t know where to begin writing a children’s story.

It is not impossible to cross-over to a new style of writing, yet it can be tricky. If your heart is set on trying something completely different, do your homework and learn about it before getting started. This will serve as a good guide as you develop your new talents. If you begin to feel frustrated, there are techniques which can help stimulate your creativity.

If, however, you realize the new style is not for you, it may be wise to go back to your roots. A legal writer could work for a law firm as a part-time blogger, while a children’s author may want to consider illustrating a book. The key is to add breadth to your knowledge, which will make you a stronger writer all-around.

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