Who are you writing for?

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This may seem like a no-brainer, but it is easy to fall into the trap of for yourself instead of your readers. Remembering who your audience is will make the difference in whether your work is effective or not. Here are some thoughts to consider:

  • Think about what you are writing. Is it a children’s book or a novel? Is it science fiction or a biography? Your style, genre, and publication format will help you to decide who your target audience is. A quick search on Google can identify demographic information.
  • Read your work out loud to yourself. Will your audience enjoy, or even understand, what you are trying to convey to them? Try recording yourself and listening back to it. Now how do your words sound?
  • Let your friends or family proofread your work; they can offer helpful feedback. If it is a writing involving technical terms, but directed at the average person, you may need to use more common expressions for ease of understanding.
  • Has it been done before? In 2015, I read about an author who was trying to get a story about zombies published. He insisted his story was different, but was repeatedly rejected by publishing companies because the market was flooded. In this case, his audience was not impressed.

Whatever you happen to be writing about, make sure your readers are with you. Otherwise, you may find yourself harshly criticized; or worse yet, with no readers at all.

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