For the Love of Snail Mail

snail-mail-coverBy Heather Harper I Borderline Press I May 20, 2016

As CNN put it, “Call it technology in reverse.” You’ll find this quote on the home page of an international art project called Snail Mail My Email (SMME). The program is run by using volunteers who take individual emails and turn them into handcrafted, tangible letters. The physical letter is then mailed to the intended recipient. So instead of getting a drab, impersonal email, a work of art would unexpectedly arrive in your mailbox; way more thrilling than bills and ads, right?

Founded in 2011 in Oakland, CA, this community of 1,500+ people has fashioned over 26,250 artistically interpreted letters. Every year in November, volunteers take the emails which have been submitted to SMME and convert them into beautiful creations to be mailed around the world. Ivan Cash, of Oakland, CA and a New York native, is the director of SMME, who started it as an independent project. It grew so quickly, however, that over time Cash had to recruit others to help him fulfill the large order of letters.

A book of different pieces created by the artists is now available for purchase from various online bookstores. The collection includes beautiful pieces which inspire the imagination and help us to remove cold technology from our messages. In this day and age, texting and emailing dominate our lines of communication. Isn’t it about time that we pick up a pen and paper, maybe a few markers or a paintbrush, and reach out to someone we love? I know I will be volunteering in November; I hope you will too!


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