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serendipity1Heather Harper I Borderline Press I Feb 19, 2016

I remember the beginning of my love affair with vocabulary. It was 2007 and I was in Berkeley, CA, when I came across a found copy of The Grandiloquent Dictionary in front of a store called Serendipity Books. The store had thousands of books piled up on the sidewalk, most of them rather outdated and some falling apart. The first word I was determined to learn from my new book was grandiloquent, of course, because it was in the title. It turns out the word is autological, meaning it “describes itself”. Can you guess what grandiloquent means just by looking at it?

Over the weeks and months, that book became my companion. I vowed to learn a new word at least every other day. Incorrigible was one of my new favorites, but it didn’t take long before I stopped to learn about serendipity. What was serendipity, and why was that bookstore named after it? It turns out that this word is one that I should have known all along. It means to unexpectedly come across something pleasant, either by chance or wisdom. These little unplanned events guide our lives at times, without us even realizing it.

Had I not had the serendipitous experience of finding that book, my life may have been different because it increased my love of reading and . In my experience, serendipity comes when you need it most, but perhaps do not realize it. What moments in your life have surprisingly changed your path for the better?

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