My Un-Healthy Journey as a Working Mom/Writer

overwhelmedonlyBy Jacqueline Lewis I 757 Media I Jan 7, 2016

So I know this is going to sound lame and completely cliche but being tired and hungry is just another day of going through the motions for me. That is just me speaking from experience and not taking anything away from anyone else’s lifestyle. With that being said, last night, as my husband was completely knocked out (as usual) and I was completely still lying in bed awake and bored (as usual), I had an epiphany. Why not try to do something healthy for myself? I already got the gym membership 7 months ago and do not ask me how that is going because I still don’t know. But with as much as I run around and as little as I eat (practically enough to stay alive and maybe sometimes more), there should be a method to this madness I call life in which I could live a healthy lifestyle and still manage my hectic schedule. Without killing over. Just maybe. I mean the average celebrity does it all the time.

No wait, they have tons of money and resources so I shouldn’t use that example.

But there are people on TV that become workout enthusiasts all the time. “Do it from home” workouts and, oh here’s my favorite one, “I did it with kids”. Yea, good for you. Would you like a medal? I mean some of these people are funny. I would like to see their daily schedules and I guarantee they work out for 2 hours a day for at least 4 days. In my life, that just is not realistic.

My life at a Glance
0600 – 0645 Wake up (I hate alarms)
0645 – 0700 Shower
0700 – 0740 Pack kids’ lunches/feed breakfast/everyone get dressed/warm-up car/find kids’ belts and shoes/check kids’ to make sure they look decent/check materials to be packed in car for work and activities/turn-off everything including the stove/Do I have my phone and purse?
0745 – 0755 Drop off kids
0755 – 0840 Congested traffic/Arrive at work
0840 – 1730 Leave work/More congested traffic
1820 – 1900 Grab kids/they change in car/Head to activities or sports-related activities for that day
2000 – 2100 Get home/Check homework/Make quick, quick dinner/Feed everyone but myself/Husband and I prepare for the next day
2100 – 2300 Make lunches/Clean up kitchen/Doing laundry/Don’t forget to eat dinner if we forget

My schedule, alone, guarantees me an average 10hour day and much longer if I incorporate additional home-related responsibilities. Now, I know it seems like I am whining and trust me, I am far from being one of those. After all, I was a United States Marine for eight years of my life and one of the first skills you are taught is time management. And the marine corps’ definition of time management is probably what someone else would consider “time management on overload”. Even if you have only 5 minutes or 1 minute to complete a task, they believe it can be completed and to go even further. They prove it by making you fast enough to do it.

So how in the world does that help me today? Well, like they say, “Once a marine, always a marine.” if I have 30 minutes to wake up 3 kids, by myself, then feed them and shuffle them out of the door to school. That just isn’t quite impossible in my book. I feel like, being the marine, I am that I have enough time to accomplish the mission.

Does this plan actually get executed properly? Sometimes yes and often times, no. But the “no” is only because I am not prepared. I was too exhausted to dry that load of clothes or perhaps my feet hurt so bad one night that it completely slips my mind to actually make the kids’ lunches the night before.

Whatever…now I am ranting. Anyway, my point is that maybe I can find my happy medium in all of this madness of work, life, and stress. Perhaps, I can actually lead a semi-healthy lifestyle.

What does that mean exactly?

Being one with my body and it actually looking like my body is one with me.
Consuming a balance of equally healthy foods to my unhealthy habits.
Recognizing an improvement in my overall persona.

It’s really that simple. After all, I can’t add too much else to my overflowing plate already. Just looking at my example schedule, alone, should make you nauseated. I know when I actually wrote it out, I nearly became dizzy. But often times, we as mothers, do not stop to take a look at ourselves so perhaps the hilarity of my 60-day journey not only inspires, but makes you feel so sorry for me that you look over at your own dysfunctional family and think, “I have it quite good compared to this nut job!”

Enjoy my moments!

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