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Rainbow Goblins_1By Heather Harper I Borderline Press I Feb 12, 2016

Children’s books are typically known for having drawings to accompany the storyline. of these stories realize how important the artwork is to inspire the imagination of a budding a young reader. Many books would be much different if they did not offer images for the reader to enjoy. C. S. Lewis’ work, The Chronicles of Narnia, would not have been the same without Pauline Baynes’ depictions of the children’s adventures. Much of Stuart Little by E.B. White is complemented by Garth Williams’ of Stuart as he makes his way through life.

Then there are books which do not have illustrations, but perhaps should have. Ralph Steadman’s version of a George Orwell’s book, Animal Farm: A Fairy Story, which includes several disturbing images which capture the story’s essence of upheaval and oppression. Steadman has reproduced other famous images in his own style, including Alice in Wonderland and Fahrenheit 451; he is perhaps most notorious for his illustrations in Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

Ul De Rico, is an Italian painter who created The Rainbow Goblins, a book which is often overlooked when it comes to illustration. His paintings were originally oil on oak panels, which were then shrunk to one-third their size for the story. The Valley of the Rainbow, where the goblins travel to capture the sweet colors, resembles the opening scenes of The Lion King by Disney. Yet, the book was originally published in 1978, so he was an artist who was ahead of his time.


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