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immersion1Heather Harper I Borderline Press I March 7, 2016

When my power shut off moments before I began this posting, I was reminded of Abraham Lincoln, doing his schoolwork in the dark by candle light. This was very befitting actually, because that is the defining behavior in the immersion process: getting into character by living the way the character did or would. Immersion techniques are more common among actors, than writers, but the idea is the same, regardless of the medium.

The theory is if you live a certain way it will help you to understand your character(s) more deeply than you will without exploring the details of the character’s life. If you go to Ghana and live without shoes for a year, you will surely have a much greater understanding of the natives there than you would have before your time there. This immersion helps some writers to portray settings, people, and ideas in a new light because of the different perspective taken.

Immersion can be done in many ways, depending on your level of commitment to detail in the story. Some things cannot be completely tapped into, but merely re-enacted. For example, historical events as the Civil War or the sinking of the Titanic can be closely re-imagined, but without being present, it cannot be truly understood. As for me, I can’t really identify with Honest Abe this President’s Day because I have a computer with a battery to write this article, but it’s probably as close as I am going to get to understanding his life.

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