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Feeling like your creative energy has been extinguished? Sometimes, as writers, we tend to be a little on the dramatic side. Come to terms with the whole purpose and motivations behind your writing “roots” with this blog series. Our AN contributors will discuss expression and perspective for your writing craft…Start Reading Now






Is your creative work space a complete mess? Or perhaps that its just you can’t put the story in your head as you envisioned to paper? These are normal and common struggles for all writers, especially best-selling ones. They would be the first to tell you that sometimes organization is everything to getting your book published…but what are the processes involved? How can you combat your mojo enough to do it? In this blog series, our AN contributors will discuss the many pitfalls and recoveries associated with “Organization Overload: Developing a Method to your Madness!”…Start Reading




Art is Never Finished

Explore the many “Faces of Artistry” with this new blog series brought to you by an up-and-coming non-fiction writer and AN contributor! How do you define art? Or based on your social experiences, how do you see it? This unique, non-fiction project takes you on a journey of artistic creation and expressionism. Start Reading Now




All blog postings should be personal! How else will the reader be able to relate and be thankful that they are not alone in dealing with the daily problems that are “life”? This blog series will get up-close-and-personal with a working mom trying to make it in the “madness that is life as a writer”. Amidst all the professional workload and after-school activities, she tries to navigate through the chaos and come out on top as a successful Indie Author….feel free to laugh at her pain! Start Reading